Welcome! Embark with me now on a journey to one of the United States’ most romantic places: Niagara Falls. Close your eyes and feel the cool spray of the water send shivers down your spine, despite this day being in early June. Listen to the powerful, yet calming, roar of the water. Open your eyes and take in the sites of couples strolling in the park, surrounded by trees and the sounds of the falls.

Just across the street from this experience, you will find the delightfully designed Red Coach Inn. I spotted the pointed roof of this quaint building from afar, and pointed it out to my husband. Little did I know this was the same building in which we had dinner reservations later that evening.

I had read all about the Red Coach Inn before we embarked on our anniversary getaway. Every review I read sounded promising. According to the reviews, this place was quaint, formal, expensive, and (most importantly) boasted good food. Since this was to be our anniversary dinner, this sounded like a win all around.  We checked out the menu earlier in the day, only increasing my anticipation for this meal.

We arrived for our reservations and were greeted by a very gracious host. We had our choice of seating-outdoors or two places indoors. We chose a comfy two person table-I fell far into the cushy padded seats. The table was seated near a window, and I could glimpse the rushing water in the distance. The decor was quaint and really quite lovely. I was greeted by a menu in which the first half was a wine list, and only the last half was choice of food (my kind of place!). The menu also boasted a variety of beer. There were many dishes that looked good, but one special beckoned strongly to me: shrimp and lobster ravioli. YUM, I thought.

My husband and I ordered a starter-spinach artichoke dip. This dip was absolutely delicious. The dish boasted fresh leaves of spinach, generous pieces of artichoke, and a surprising twist of red peppers. The red peppers were an unusual addition in my experince of ordering this dish, but added a delightful sweet flavor. The dip was served with lightly toasted bread. The chunks of vegetables were coated in a light sauce. Simply perfect. I wish I had taken a picture to show you, but we gobbled this up too fast.

We were also given the standard bread basket with our meal, with one sweet twist-strawberry butter. This tasted exactly how it sounds. The bread was nothing to write how about, but the butter was good enough for a mention.

Had our experience ended at this point, I would have left happily, thinking the Red Coach Inn lived up to all the hype I read online.

But we didn’t stop. Because I was anticipating those amazing sounding shrimp and lobster ravioli.

Imagine my expression when I was served this:

In what world does ravioli get served with a spoon?

Yes, there are five pieces of ravioli hiding in that mess. And I seriously was given a spoon with this plate. I had to fish out the unwanted mushrooms (I did ask for no mushrooms). When I finally managed to find and prepare a bite of this mess, it was extremely salty and lacked any flavor beyond salt. The peas were actually quite nice and flavorful, if you could scoop enough on your fork to pass as a bite. Among this mess were also chunks of feta cheese-eaten alone, also not bad but still extremely salty. I could not even finish this meal. I paid 21 dollars for five pieces of ravioli…that’s $4.20 per piece. For that price, these SHOULD have been the best ravioli I had ever eaten. NOT a game of fishing for my food.

Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed at this meal. When my husband jokingly suggested going to McDonald’s for dessert, I said OK. When he looked surprised, I countered with the fact that at least I know what to expect at McDonald’s, and I get what I pay for.

Overall, Red Coach Inn: great ambiance, great service, great location, great spinach artichoke dip….horrible main meal. If you want to experience this Inn, I suggest going for drinks and starters, and leaving at that.

Until next time-Bon appetit!