OK, I promise this will be the last time I write about Manteo. But like I said, I just really enjoyed this town. This one will be quick.

After enjoying a nice meal at the Full Moon Café, I recommend you go down a few short blocks and check out the Carolina Cupcakery. We first had the pleasure of trying these cupcakes at a wedding we attended in Manteo. I tried five different varieties, including a BACON cupcake that was awesome.

One of those is a bacon cupcake.

Having had that taste, we wanted more. So we found this shop and made sure they were the ones who had done the wedding (they had). During this conversation, we also found out that one of the bakers had competed on cupcake wars! We decided to splurge for cupcakes (the cupcakes were almost $3 each, but trust me, well worth it).

My husband chose a cookie dough cupcake, while I chose a French toast one. This cupcake was warmed in the microwave, and a pad of butter placed on top of the icing melted all over the cake and icing. Does any cupcake sound better in the entire world?

The cupcake, amazingly, did taste exactly like French Toast, complete with the cinnamon, syrup, and (of course) butter flavors. The warm dough all but melted in my mouth. This was one incredible cupcake. However, it was extremely rich. One cupcake (smaller than a typical cupcake) was extremely filling and decadent, and made me very thirsty. I tried my husbands cupcake, but next to mine, it seemed average. The cupcake seriously could have been a meal in and of itself.

Well, I’m about all out of things to say regarding the gastronomic delights found in Manteo. So please tune in next time as I continue touring the Outer Banks! Until then, bon appétit!