I believe this entry will round out my series on the Outer Banks. So I saved the best for last.

Let me tell you a quick story about how we ended up at the best place we visited in the Outer Banks. We didn’t plan to. We actually had another place picked out to go and eat, one recommended to us by friends and one that, unbeknownst to me, my husband had been eyeing all week. This was our last night in the Outer Banks, so I think we were all willing to splurge on a really good meal and drive a little further to get there. Also, we were all extremely hungry. So we drove a good half hour, 40 minutes to find the place. Only to discover there was an HOUR AND A HALF wait. This was at 8pm.

So, we packed back up in the car and drove around a bit until we all simply didn’t care anymore, pointed to a place, and said screw it, let’s eat there.

This restaurant, the Outer Banks Brewing Station, was rather unimpressive at first glace. It was a dark and packed bar and restaurant, much like many such places you may go to grab dinner. The décor was, frankly, weird. I took many pictures to share with you, because I was just stunned at the bizarre nature of the various rugs hanging from the wall amidst what appeared to be cardboard cutout hearts. Perhaps Tim Burton had a hand in decorating this place?

We got seated quickly enough, although this place, too, was packed despite now being close to 8:30pm. The wait gave me time to search for any coupons available in the travel guides (there were none). Although we were among a large crowd, there was enough space between tables that it did not seem uncomfortable. We had to wait a few moments before anyone took our drink order, which I didn’t mind given the busyness of the place.

One look at the menu and I was impressed. There were many options that sounded extremely good, and not just because I was so hungry I probably would have eaten even Jimmy’s seafood buffet at that point. The menu offered a nice variety of bar food along with more gourmet style meals. Being a brewery, the place also offered a nice variety of beer (none of us tasted, though, because we were dehydrated from being in the sun all day).

If you haven’t figured this out by now, I’m a sucker for specials. I think because I like to try the most different things I can find on the menu, and often the specials make that easy. So when I heard the specials for this place, I was sold.

My husband and I ended up ordering a shrimp and grits appetizer to share (something from the menu) and the swordfish special also to share. I also ordered a cup of the soup special (a light sounding take on chowder).

As we were waiting for our food, we were presented with the usual bread basket. But this one had a twist. The oil was green, having been infused with various herbs. And the oil was, if you can even believe it, light and refreshing. It tasted summery. It was great.


Then came my soup. Again, I have to describe it as tasting fresh, light, and summery. It was a truly inspired dish that matched both the weather and the atmosphere of the Outer Banks. I ate enough soup on the trip to know.

Next came our exciting appetizer of shrimp and grits. The menu claimed this was a local favorite and described it as “extremely addicting.” I would describe it as extremely bland and disappointing. I was really intrigued by this dish and description, and was so let down. However, the sweet potato shavings served with the dish were delightful explosions of flavor.

Now, as you probably know by now, I’m all about the whole restaurant experience when I go out to eat. I like the atmosphere, the presentation of the food, the music, the service, all of it. In addition, of course, to the food itself. So at this point you’re probably wondering why I said this was the best place I ate, considering the Tim Burton effect.

Our main dish is why.

This main dish involved swordfish with a crab mix on top, served on top of fresh mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. Honestly, the swordfish was so amazing, so hearty, so juicy, so flavorful, so well done I thought I was eating a steak. I could have even gone without the crab mix on top (don’t get me wrong, it was good) because it was taking away from the taste of the swordfish. Simple. Delicious. Crazy, crazy, crazy good. The potatoes and vegetables were also excellent, but the swordfish was truly the jewel in this dish.


And when it comes down to it, eating is all about the food.

This is a meal I had no problem paying top dollar for (and believe me, we did). So, if you are looking for some of the most amazing food I have come across, I suggest you go to the Outer Banks Brewing Station. Just don’t order the shrimp and grits. But if swordfish is an option, at all costs get that!

Sadly, this ends our tour of the gastronomic delights to be found in the Outer Banks. I truly hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as I did, and I hope these reviews might help to inform any future visits you might make to the OBX.

Until next time. Bon appétit.