Only picture I got! Sorry!

Only picture I got! Sorry!

Hello all! I know it’s been over a year since I posted. I wrapped up my first year of teaching and that kept me pretty busy. But wanted to give a quick update to get back on track and confirm that I am alive.

So, if you are looking for a one-pot, quick, healthy, and CHEAP dinner (isn’t that the dinner combination we all strive to achieve?), then this is the dinner idea for you. I didn’t take many pictures because I thought to do this blog AFTER the cooking and cleanup!

You will need a beautifully simple list of ingredients:

1 Box of your preferred pasta type (I used the cheap Kroger brand of spaghetti noodles, which costs about a dollar)

1 Bag of frozen leaf spinach (costs about a dollar)

1 Can of Italian Spiced Diced Tomatoes (less than a dollar)

Italian Seasonings to taste (a few cents)

Parmesan Cheese to taste (a few cents)

(TOTAL cost for all ingredients: about three dollars)


1.) Cook pasta noodles according to package directions. Cook spinach IN THE SAME POT at the SAME TIME with noodles, and drain all together (I lost tiny bits of spinach in the sink, but overall this worked well)

2.) Keeping your burner on low heat, put cooked noodles and spinach back in pot, add tomatoes and Italian seasoning and stir. Keep on burner until tomatoes are warm (only takes a few moments), making sure to stir frequently.

3.) Plate desired amount of noodles (serving is 2 oz), top with desired amount of Parmesan cheese.

4.) Enjoy!


Now, I cooked this as a side with some Italian green beans (I used this recipe as a base but used Italian green beans instead and Parmesan cheese and didn’t drain the tomatoes. I steamed the beans first with the water and covered the skillet, added the non-drained tomatoes, removed the lid, and simmered on low heat for about ten minutes, then added the cheese after it was plated and it was awesome)  and scallops. As a side, we ate about three servings of this pasta and I packaged SIX additional containers of leftovers. SIX. The box of noodles says I should have gotten 8 servings (2 oz), and I got 9 with this meal. The leftovers I packed would be great to take in lunches (again, SIX). Although I used this as a side, this would make a yummy meal, too, but I would probably say as a meal you will eat at least two servings, if you are anything like me 🙂


I hope this was enjoyable and I hope to be updating a LOT more this summer, so stay tuned!


Thanks for reading and bon appetit!