Welcome back readers! I am always glad to have you.

Today I would like to share a fairly quick and easy dinner idea with you. This came out of one of those nights that we had random groceries in the fridge and about half an hour to cook and eat dinner (I’m sure you know how those nights go). Read the rest of this entry »


Welcome back readers! I am so happy to have you stop by.

So I guess my plans to bombard you with posts before student teaching fell pretty flat (I start in the classroom tomorrow). But I do have a few things up my sleeve for you.

Right now I would like to share an oven chicken and veggies recipe. Keep reading to see what I did with the leftovers for this, too.  Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome back, readers. And Happy New Year!!

I was recently given a good bit of deer meat by the father of a girl I tutor. Now, I have eaten deer meat before and know that I like it. But I have never actually cooked with deer meat before. And I had no idea what to do with it. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome back readers! I am glad to have you stop by.

This post will be quick and to the point. My husband and I eat a LOT of frozen vegetables. When I say a lot, I mean a LOT. And while typically I am perfectly content to pour the contents of the bag into a microwave dish, add water, and be done with it, I was home alone one day and decided to try something different.

It was worth it. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello faithful readers.

I am sorry I have been gone for such a very long time. I have been in school full-time (15 credit hours) and working full time…that doesn’t leave much time for blogging. And I have to say, next semester won’t be much better: student teaching Monday-Friday and working every weekend.

I do want to make this up to you. I do have several new ideas to share with you! And I hope to bombard you with updates over the next couple of weeks to make up for months of not updating!

But this post is about what I have been doing while I have been away. Again, I hope this makes it up to you 🙂

This video I want to share with you was a project I did for one of my classes. I hope you enjoy.

Until next time. Bon appetit!

When I was about 13 years old, I complained to my horse riding instructor that I was tired. She explained to me that I was not tired, just uninspired. She asked me if someone were to give me two tickets to Paris, would I have enough energy to pack my bags and get on the plane? At the time I thought she was nuts. If you’re tired, you’re tired. And trust me, I have been down to the bones, falling asleep where I stand tired. But this day….this day, she may have been proven right.

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Hello again! It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work on another dinner that will satisfy our love for cooking, creativity, and our family!

I guess I’ve had a craving for Latin-inspired food lately. So what follows is my newly-perfected rice and beans recipe, topped with a fresh pico de gallo. The recipe is potentially vegan-friendly (depending on what you top it with), and remains vegetarian friendly. I am not a vegan, but my sister is, and I always think of her when creating new recipes. I am also not vegetarian, but I do eat a lot of food that is vegetarian friendly, for the simple fact that meat is expensive. I also try to eat healthy and choose foods that are good for me (my enchiladas recipe I think falls kind of short of that!).

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First time

Welcome back readers! I think we have been on vacation long enough. After coming back from the OBX, I had to roll up my sleeves and get cooking. We had spent all of our money on a wonderful week! Luckily, I love to cook (and we lack many decent places to eat here), so this was not a problem for me.

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I believe this entry will round out my series on the Outer Banks. So I saved the best for last.

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As we continue with our tour of the Outer Banks, I take you out of Manteo and into a much, much different world. Prepare yourself.

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