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NOTE: Sorry it’s been such a while since an update. I started this post on June 2, and then life got crazy!!

This is a soup I dreamed up that I originally intended to be somewhat healthy and even vegan. As you can see, neither goal was met….but this soup did turn out quite good. I warn you this is SPICY SPICY SPICY!! Even my husband and friend who ate it, who both like spicy foods, agreed this was SPICY-and that was AFTER I tried to tone it down. So if you don’t like Indian flavors or spicy foods, this isn’t the soup for you. But if you do, you are in for a TREAT! 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »


Today I am taking you on a journey to Huntington, West Virginia.

Now, I have to tell you I am quite biased toward this city. I lived in Huntington for four years as I was earning my degree from Marshall University. I made many close friends in this city, and I also met my husband here. I ate many a great meal in this city. I had quite a few laughs in this city. Simply, I love this city.

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